Hanger HIK | Weijian

From September 5 to 8, 2022 China Construction Expo (Shanghai)&the 50th China Family Expo, Hanger won 640 square meters of exhibition hall, half of which displayed its brand HIK, and the other half of which displayed its brand new Weilai.


We can see that it is not a whim to do original furniture design, but what we always want to do- General Manager Liao Yanwen

Brand proposition

The popular brand proposition is nature, freedom and time. Liu Zongya, the brand manager, believes that all brands should be original because of their principles. "What kind of furniture do you need in your lifestyle? If you only focus on the furniture itself, you will be limited to such problems as modeling."


The "Weijian" outdoor series was designed jointly by Zhao Yang and Wang Ni, architectural designers. Zhao Yang said: The most special feature of this group of furniture is the node, which generates style and an aesthetic state. This is the architect's habit.

"We hope it looks like a daily product, but when you carefully taste it, you will feel some delicate humanistic flavor. It is not as obvious as the past works of art at a glance."

"Our furniture is not just furniture, its definition will be broader. Our exhibition hall is also beyond the conventional state. Our view is pan living. What we advocate is a way of life."