Special notes on sales channels of hik products

Dear consumers

Thank you for your attention to hik. Recently, information about selling hik products appears on some websites and we media. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, our company hereby makes the following statement:

I Our products are only sold through offline hik brand stores authorized by the company. The company has never authorized any unit or individual to sell any of our products through other channels.

II The products related to our company described in any sales channel other than non brand stores are not products authorized by our company. Its product quality and source are difficult to distinguish between true and false, which may belong to fake and shoddy products. The company assumes no responsibility for these products and does not provide any services.

Our company suggests that the majority of consumers buy through the hik brand store officially authorized by our company offline, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. If you have any questions, you can directly log in to hik's official website: https://www.hik.com.cn Or pay attention to the wechat public platform "Hange furniture" to learn more about hik product information and store locations in various cities.

Foshan Hange Furniture Co., Ltd

October 25, 2021