Design of the 23rd China International Furniture Fair

Faster and faster monotony,

Have you ever asked,

all of these,

Is it all you want?

if not,

Slow down and live.

What is the life we yearn for now? I think that comfort, nature, and simplicity are the essence of our lives, so in space design, we make the space more hierarchical, not only to meet the needs of displaying products, but also as close as possible to "home". The empty space makes the spaces on the first and second floors echo. The people who slow down on the second floor contrast with the passengers who rushed to the exhibition on the first floor. Through the exhibition hall, they stepped up the stairs. Come down and discover life.

The pomegranate tree in the yard is a testament to the memories of childhood. The bookshelves made of logs and wood will be naturally integrated into the space. The rusty iron plate carved by time seems to tell the story of time and so on. , Just for "slow down, go to live".

"Life · Jane · Appropriate", this is the philosophy that we have always adhered to, and it is also our hope that you can slow down and experience this kind of life with your heart ...